This is an example of how the prize fund could be split and is based on receiving 200 entries. Less entries then proportionally smaller prizes, more entries then proportionally bigger prizes.

This year the competition prizes will be altered to allow larger prizes to be paid to outright winners of different sub-competitions based around the 10 Professional Golf Tournaments.

There will be 10 tournament prizes of £300 for the winning team, however the winning team must win the event outright otherwise the £300 prize will be rolled forward to the next event. A further tie at that event will result in £600 being rolled forward to the next event and so on. In the case that no outright winning team claims the prize in the 10th event then it will be split among the winning teams.

All teams entered must contain 5 players from the player list. The total cost of the 5 players must not exceed £20million, but could be less. The players must be selected from the top 200 ranked players (20 February 2013).

Entry will be £300 per team if paying by cash or cheque. If paying by Paypal the entry cost will be slightly higher, but £300 will be added to the prize pool.

All prizes will be determined by the number of entries received, however (for example) based on 200 entries the prize fund might look like this:-

Total Prize Fund would be £600

Overall Competition – Fantasy Golf League

  • 1st Prize = £250
  • 2nd Prize = £130
  • 3rd Prize = £75
  • 4th Prize = £50
  • 5th Prize = £35
  • 6th Prize = £20

10 Event winners at £300 per event = £30

Best overall team at the Major Championships = £10